2020 NBA Bubble Recreated?

The 2020 NBA Playoffs were played inside the bubble at Disney World Orlando. The final four teams were the Lakers, Nuggets, Heat, and Celtics. Currently, all four of those teams are in the final eight of the 2023 NBA Playoffs and project to make it to the next round.

Anything can still happen but it would be interesting and a little eery if these teams all made it again. The 2020 NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Heat was the lowest rated NBA Finals since they have been tracking TV viewership.

These low ratings likely weren’t due to the teams playing but more likely due to the fact that fans couldn’t attend any of the regular season games at the end of the season, playoff games, or finals games, so the fans were just not as into it.

A rematch of these four teams would be an eery sight. 2020 was a dark time for many people, including NBA players who were locked in the bubble. Having a rematch of the same four teams would definitely bring up some bad memories for fans and players.

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We should find out if the 2020 bubble final four is recreated in just over a week.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wizards_Davis_Bertans_deep.jpg