2024 NBA Draft Uncertainty

The upcoming 2024 NBA Draft has a ton of uncertainty. Compared to most other drafts no one really knows what will happen in this one. It has been well documented that this class is not as talented as many others in the recent years but also the draft order may be difficult to predict.

The Atlanta Hawks drafting with the first pick will set the tone for the entire night. It is not clear who they will take with the pick. For months Alex Sarr has been slated as the top pick but then in the past few weeks two other players have emerged as contenders to be first. Zaccharie Risacher is actually now the betting favorite to go No. 1 but also Donovan Clingan has been mentioned there too.

Depending on who goest first, this whole draft board may be different. It’s also rumored that Washington will take Sarr is he is there at No. 2 and it’s possible that Clingan slides if he is not taken in the top 2. Nearly every team after Washington at pick No. 2 have a center and it wouldn’t make sense for a team to take him before possibly Charlotte at No. 6 or Memphis at No. 9.

Photo Credit: Paul Kane Getty Images

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