3 Sleeper NBA Finals Teams

This year more than ever the NBA Finals has no clear cut favorite of who will be claimed the winner. Below are three teams that have a shot that not many people are talking about.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics might have the MVP of the entire NBA in Jayson Tatum. They went from the 11th best team in the Eastern Conference a few months in the season to now the No. 1 team in the East. Still not that many people have them as serious contenders. A massive blow to this team happened recently when Robert Williams suffered a knee injury that could potentially end his season. It will be crucial for the Celtics’ chances if he can return for the playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets

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The Nets look like they will be destined for the play-in game. However, this team just got Kyrie back for home games thanks to New York City changing their mandate. That will be huge for them in the playoffs. Another key piece missing is Ben Simmons, who would also give this team a big potential boost if he can return. This team would be one of the most talented in the playoffs if they are all healthy.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets have held their own this year despite having injuries to two of their main players. Nikola Jokic has been great looking like he could be the MVP for two years in a row. This will all depend on them getting back either Jamal Murray or Michael Porter Jr. and possibly even both.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jayson_Tatum_(43467461730).jpg