49ers Advance In a Crazy Ending Over the Cowboys

The San Francisco 49ers were underdogs going into the NFL wild card game against the Dallas Cowboys. That didn’t matter for them as they came out strong and scored a touchdown on their opening drive. The 49ers then added on a field goal to have a 10-0 lead after the first quarter. They held the lead going into the fourth quarter by a score of 23-7.

Their lead wasn’t safe though, as Dallas came out strong in the fourth scoring 10 unanswered points to go down by less than a touchdown, 17-23, still in favor of the 49ers.

Getting the ball back with under two minutes left, the 49ers were able to kill some clock, but the Cowboys had three timeouts and they stopped Deebo Samuel a literal inch short of a game-ending first down. The 49ers then had a false start and had to kick the ball back to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys made quick work on their field position getting 40 yards in three plays where they got out of bounds to stop the clock. With 14 seconds left and 41 yards to the end zone a quarterback draw was called up the middle where Dak ran for 17 yards, but the Cowboys needed to spike the ball to stop the clock. The ball wasn’t handed to the ref which took too much time to get the snap off and the game ended. 49ers 23, Cowboys 17.

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