A Very Early Super Bowl Prediction

After NFL free agency and the NFL Draft it is only right to move on to Super Bowl predictions, right? The NFL has the longest offseason in sports and we will still have to wait over four months for the first regular season games. Let’s look at predictions of who could make it and win the Super Bowl even though it is still so far away.


The NFC is tougher to call than the AFC because there isn’t one team that sticks out as being super dominant. The easy pick would be the Philadelphia Eagles who made it to the Super Bowl last year and lost just three regular season games. Philadelphia is still too young and unproven to just outright predict them as the clear favorite though.

The other team to consider is the San Francisco 49ers who may have beaten the Eagles if they had a healthy quarterback. San Francisco has more experience and arguably better playmakers on offense than Philadelphia. Dallas also may be the third-best team in the NFC and is in the same division as Philadelphia that could knock them from having the advantage they did last year in the playoffs.

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The clear favorite in the AFC should be the Kansas City Chiefs again. Buffalo keeps trying to take them down but has yet to succeed. Another team to look at is Cincinnati but they will have to get through Kansas City too. These three teams are at the top and the Chiefs should be the favorite to come out on top of all them.

Super Bowl Prediction: 49ers 31 Chiefs 27

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Patrick_Mahomes_(51615688913).jpg