Accuscore’s 2018 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Playoff Predictions

Accuscore’s 2018 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Playoff Predictions

Winter Olympics 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea are well on their way. The men’s ice hockey tournament has reached the playoffs stage after three games per team in the group stage. Three group winners have already progressed to the semifinals and the best 2nd placed team as well. Those teams are Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden and Olympic Athletes from Russia.

The four Winter Olympics playoff games are played on Tuesday 20th of February. The pairings are as follows: USA-Slovakia, Norway-Slovenia, Finland-South Korea and Switzerland-Germany.

Accuscore’s 2018 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Prediction

Analytics and forecasts company Accuscore has used their advanced simulation engine to determine the outcome of the Winter Olympics 2018 ice hockey tournament. The company applies adjusted statistical data of the the players and the teams into their advanced algorithms. Every game is simulated 10 000 times and the resulting averages indicate the probabilities. Here’s how Accuscore’s prediction looks like:
Accuscore's Winter Olympics 2018 Ice Hockey

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As we see, the Accuscore simulation suggests no big surprises what comes to match winners. However, if you make a comparison to odds on offer, there’re clear differences between Accuscore and betting companies. For example, USA to win Slovakia with 73.9% probability is much higher than the odds indicate. On the other hand, Germany is likely to lose the game against Switzerland, but the odds seem to indicate the Germans to only have less than 40% chance, while simulations suggest otherwise. It makes for an interesting assessment for bettors and sports fans. Always remember to compare the odds before placing a bet! A good place to start is, which lists most of the odds available from most known betting companies.

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