Are the Cowboys Legit Contenders?

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins. October 21th 2018 4:25pm

The Dallas Cowboys have started the season 2-0 and now fans are already talking about them as Super Bowl contenders. This team has looked really good so far, but is it too soon to call them a favorite to win the Super Bowl? Absolutely, but let’s get into it.

The Dallas defense is legit, that’s for sure. Micah Parsons may be the best defender in the NFL and Trevon Diggs is another big playmaker. Overall this team plays well as a unit too. Teams will struggle against them. Who have the Cowboys played though? They played the Giants, who barely were able to comeback and beat the Cardinals in week 2, and then the Jets with Zach Wilson at quarterback. Their schedule so far is the main reason why it is too soon to call them contenders.

On offense this team has fed Tony Pollard the ball and he has looked good. They also are very heavily dependent on CeeDee Lamb and Pollard in the passing game. 21 of 38 passes went to those two this week. Dallas will need to find a third wide pass catcher. Maybe that can be Brandin Cooks when he comes back.

Next week Dallas will play Arizona and may further push the narrative of Dallas being the Super Bowl favorites as they likely will win by a big amount. We will have to wait until weeks four through six to see if this team is for real when they play New England, San Francisco, and then the Chargers.

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