Are the Jazz About to Blow this Team Up?

The Utah Jazz have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NBA in the recent years. In 2021, the Jazz had the best record in the Western Conference, but they were eliminated in the second round. This season, the Jazz had some injury troubles but were healthy heading into the playoffs. They ended up losing in the first round though, and it has been rumored that the star players Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert both want out of town.

On Thursday, the Jazz traded their starting power forward, Royce O’Neal, to the Brooklyn Nets for a first-round pick. This could be the first domino to fall from Utah as they move to a rebuild.

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert have been involved in new trade rumors everyday. It is also rumored that Mitchell doesn’t want to be in Utah and Gobert doesn’t want to play with Mitchell. It is possible that Gobert stays in Utah if Mitchell is dealt, but it seems likely that Mitchell will be traded either way.

Trading both Gobert and Mitchell would set this team up with a hoard of young players and picks. It could be a good way to quickly bounce back to a contender in the next few seasons if they believe it can’t work with their two current stars.

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