Are the Lakers Already in Trouble?

The Lakers have started the 2022-2023 NBA season with two losses. It may be way too soon to say that the Lakers are in trouble and in danger of not making the playoffs but so far they haven’t looked very promising.

Their first two games were against two of the favorites to win the NBA Championship, so it is not surprising or shocking that they lost honestly. The scary thing for Lakers fans is the lack of talent that they have been displaying as a team.

Aside from Lebron, Anthony Davis looked good in their first game and pretty bad in their second game. He looked like he was hurting and didn’t make very many athletic plays. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sits out for a while to rest his injured back.

Russell Westbrook has brought the energy in both games but he cost the team in their second game on the offensive end as he went 0-11 from the field in 27 minutes. Patrick Beverley also went 1-7 and Lebron went 7-17.

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This team doesn’t seem to have a knockdown three-point shooter who gets big minutes, which is an issue in today’s NBA and also on most Lebron-led teams.

It could be a long season for the Lakers if they can’t fix their shooting problems from really early in the season. And it is REALLY early and probably too early to be concerned.

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