Atlanta Hawks May Look Very Different Next Year

For the past six seasons Trae Young has led the Atlanta Hawks. In 2021 he led them to the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals. Now, next season he could find himself on another team for the first time in his career along with his Hawks’ costar, Dejounte Murray.

There are rumors that the Atlanta Hawks not only have interest in trading one of their star guards but both of them. Atlanta had slim odds of landing the first pick in the 2024 NBA Draft but the ping pong balls fell their way and now it looks like they may jump at this opportunity to completely rebuild around whoever they select first.

While the Hawks do have some talent on the team besides Young and Murray, it would be a long rebuild. That is unless the Hawks are able to obtain numerous picks in exchange for Young and Murray. That should be the plan and for Atlanta to use those picks to build through the draft like the Oklahoma City Thunder have done the past few seasons which paid off this year.

Rumors are that both Young and Murray are targets of guard needy teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and the San Antonio Spurs.

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