Best Unrestricted NBA Free Agents

The NBA season is far from done. Currently, we have eight teams still in it but that number will go down to four in just a few days. Let’s look at what the other 26 teams will be looking at already as top potential free agent signings.

Kyrie Irving

The Dallas Mavericks made a big trade to acquire Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline and it could have been as just a half-season rental. Dallas wants to re-sign him despite the team going from a mid-tier playoff team to out of the play-in games when he was added to the roster.

D’Angelo Russell

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After a subpar stint with the Timberwolves, Russell is proving to be a key piece to this Lakers team during their current playoff run. The Lakers will likely try to re-sign him, especially if the Lakers beat the Warriors. Other teams may be willing to throw big money at him though depending on how he performs the rest of these playoffs.

Jerami Grant

Every team is looking for an athletic power forward who can average 20 points, shoot well from three, and play elite defense. That is exactly what Jerami Grant is and teams will line up to sign him to be their third best player on a title contending team. Look for Portland to try to get him back, but also teams like Sacramento and Phoenix to go after him, and even teams with cap space looking to quickly rebuild like Oklahoma City, Houston, and Indiana.

Notable Mentions: Nikola Vucevic, Brook Lopez, Caris LeVert, and Christian Wood

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