Biggest Losers of the NFL Draft

The NFL draft is complete so now let’s look at some teams who left their fans confused and didn’t get much better.

Atlanta Falcons

This first pick was definitely a head scratcher for Atlanta. With the 8th pick in the draft the Falcons took Michael Penix Jr. who is a good quarterback prospect that many teams had their eye on but the Falcons just signed a veteran quarterback to a long and pricey deal. Kirk Cousins signed to the Falcons thinking they are in win-now mode. This move won’t make them better unless Cousins gets hurt or traded.

Las Vegas Raiders

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The Raiders need a quarterback. They didn’t get any in this draft. Not even taking a shot on a later round guy to see if he pans out like Brock Purdy, Tom Brady, or any other late-round fliers was odd. With the first pick it is likely they had their eyes set on Penix Jr. but then to not make a move for any quarterback after that is questionable.

Los Angeles Chargers

With the fifth pick the Chargers were likely looking to move back. They could have got their guy later but stayed there. Early in the second round the Chargers took a wide receiver, a position they desperately need. The Chargers had to trade up to get Ladd McConkey in the second round right after a run of arguably better receivers were taken right before him.

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