Biggest Surprise NFL Free Agent Signings

Broncos at Redskins 8/24/18

Von Miller BUF

Miller went from having his first season with less than 10 sacks since 2013, to missing the entire 2020 season, to looking like he was declining enough to soon be out of the league, to being traded, to looking great in a Super Bowl run and win, to looking like he would be getting $10 million per year this offseason, to signing a six-year $120 million dollar contract at age 32 with another Super Bowl contender.

Wow, Miller really flipped the script in his career and got a ridiculous deal for how old he is and how close he was from essentially being out of the league after his contract was up following this season.

Randy Gregory DEN

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Gregory signed a five-year $70 million contract with the Denver Broncos. This was a huge surprise after the Broncos were rumored to be going after Von Miller or Chandler Jones, who both signed with other teams eventually. The NFL is usually a “prove it” league, but this deal was given to Gregory without him really proving anything yet. For a pass rusher who has never had more than six sacks in a season after five years, this is a surprising deal.

Russell Gage TB

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers getting Gage wasn’t a bad move or a surprise. The contract however was. After not having more than 800 yards or four touchdowns in a season ever, he signed a three-year $30 million dollar contract to be the third wide receiver on the Bucs.

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