Biggest Winners of the NFL Draft

Opening day coverage from Week 1 of the NFL Season featuring the Washington Commanders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars camp at FedEx Field, Landover, MD, September, 11th, 2022. (All-Pro Reels / Joe Glorioso)

The NFL draft has come and gone and now let’s look at some teams that had the best overall drafts as well as some players that should be hyped for next season.

Bryce Young

It was a tough season for Bryce Young in his rookie year. The Carolina Panthers have done everything this offseason to help him. Before the draft they traded for Diontae Johnson, who should be his No. 1 guy, and added offensive line help. In the draft they got another wide receiver at the end of the first round, a top running back, and a tight end who slid down for a good value pick.

Dallas Cowboys

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Dallas didn’t make a huge splash but was able to move down in the draft to acquire a third-round pick and still were able to draft a top tackle with upside to start in his rookie season. They went heavy on offensive line and defense which is always a good move to add to those two areas of your team. Dallas also got an underrated player at wide receiver in Ryan Flournoy who could be impactful as a rookie.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Finding a replacement for Calvin Ridley was a priority and Jacksonville got their guy with Brian Thomas who has a similar skillset to Ridley but is way cheaper and younger. They did wait until their fourth pick to get an offensive tackle but used their second and third picks on defense which they also needed.

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