Biggest Losers of the 2024 NBA Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft is in the books. Now let’s look at who were the biggest losers overall of this draft.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks got thrust into the No. 1 pick after winning it in the draft lottery with some of the worst odds. They used that first pick to take Zaccharie Risacher. The consensus on Risacher is that he is a three and D type of player and has little offensive game. It seems that he won’t translate into a star at least early on until he develops better shotmaking ability. In the midst of a rebuild Atlanta only had one other pick in this draft at 43 overall. They took Nikola Djurisic who may not even play for the Hawks next year.

Charlotte Hornets

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There wasn’t much talk about Tidjane Salaun being drafted in the top 10 until days before the draft. Charlotte definitely reached to take him at pick No. 6 and probably could have traded down to around 12 and still got him while acquiring another pick. The only other pick Charlotte had they used on KJ Simpson out of Colorado. He is a knockdown shooter but extremely undersized at six feet tall.

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis had pick No. 9 after tanking with no Ja Morant last season. It’s clear they needed a center and likely thought that Donovan Clingan would have fallen to them but he didn’t. They then reached for Zach Edey who many people questioned if he was going to go in the top 20 or not.

Photo Credit: Dylan Ballard/A Sea Of Blue