Bruins Historic Seasons Ends in Tragedy

The Boston Bruins just set an NHL record a little over a week ago for the most wins in regular season history. Now they find themselves at home watching the rest of the playoffs from the couch. How did they fall this bad and get to this point?

65 wins in a season not only set the record for most wins but kind of blew it out of the water. The most wins prior to this season by any team was just 62. It’s reminiscent of the Warriors winning 73 games in an NBA season and not winning the championship, but worse. The Bruins lost in the first round compared to the Warriors who at least made it to the Finals.

After winning game one and losing game two in the first round against the Florida Panthers, the Bruins won the next two games to go up 3-1. A historic collapse from up 3-1 then occurred as the Bruins lost the next three games, including two of those games being in overtime.

The Panthers then have went on to win game one in the second round. If Florida keeps winning then maybe the Bruins won’t feel as bad, but the collapse was historic for Boston.

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