Can Dallas Come Back from 3-0?

No team in the history of the NBA has ever comeback from 3-0 to win the championship. Could the Dallas Mavericks be the first team to do so? Let’s look at how it could be possible.

Dallas should have won two games already. They were right there in game 1 and game 3. In game 1 the Mavericks got lucky with the Boston Celtics shooting one of their worst percentages of the season but couldn’t take advantage. That was their first opportunity. In game 3 the Mavericks cut the Boston lead to 3 points with 4:12 left in the game. From there Dallas never got any closer. With Luka it could have been a different outcome.

Dallas will have to take this series game by game. This next one at home in game 4 could turn the tide of the series. If Dallas can stay out of foul trouble they could win this game. Luka and Dereck Lively dealt with foul trouble in this series. Both of those players are game changers.

Finally, Dallas needs another big game from Kyrie Irving. In game 3 he had a solid game but Dallas just couldn’t overcome the loss of Luka late in the 4th. Game 4 is Friday, June 14th.

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