Can Early NBA Dissapointments Bounce Back?

The NBA season is off and running and is nearly a month in already. Some teams have exceeded expectations but there are a few teams that have underperformed. Are these teams going to continue towards a downward spiral or will they bounce back for a playoff run?

Golden State Warriors

Never count the Warriors out. They have been off to a rough start with some injuries to Steph Curry and suspensions to Draymond Green. Last season this team was off to a slow start but came around at the end of the season to get a top-six seed and win in the first round. They definitely can emulate that success but anything outside of winning a first-round playoff series seems like too much to expect for this aging team.

Los Angeles Clippers

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The Clippers are just 4-7 and the trade for James Harden hasn’t been seamless to say the least. This team has talent and has actually been fairly healthy this year. The sky is the limit for this team even after a terrible start. Don’t count them out yet. The Clippers could still even compete for championship

Memphis Grizzlies

After the worst start in the NBA this year with just two wins as of now, the Grizzlies may be out of luck. Ja Morant will still be out another 14 games and without him they just don’t have enough playmakers on offense. Tyus Jones and Dillon Brooks were huge and underrated losses for this team. Even when Morant comes back it may be too hard to get back in the playoffs. A play-in appearance may be in their future but a run in the playoffs seems unlikely.

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