Can the Nuggets be a Dynasty?

It is not easy to be a dynasty in the NBA. In the past 30 years arguably only the Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, and Warriors could call themselves a dynasty. The Denver Nuggets just won their first championship but have a roster that could be built for the long term.

The Case for a Dynasty

Competition in the NBA is as spread out as we have seen in the last decade. The Warriors may finally not be dominating the league anymore and there isn’t one team that is a clear favorite moving forward.

Right now the favorite to win the 2024 NBA Championship should be the Nuggets. They will have their core intact and have some players that could elevate their game even higher next season in Christian Braun and Michael Porter. If Denver can win next year, they would be on their way to becoming the next dynasty in the league if they could win just one more following that.

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Many people also believe that Nikola Jokic is the best player in the NBA and Jamal Murray has solidified himself as a top-five point guard now as well.

Denver’s Competition

The main competition that would stop Denver from winning another one or more championships would likely be the Phoenix Suns. Kevin Durant and Devin Booker are two of the best players in the league and if a good surrounding team can be built around them they could dominate the league as soon as next season.

The other scenario is Giannis dominating again like we saw in 2021 or a super team forming such as the Lakers acquiring Kyrie Irving or the Warriors adding another star to their team.

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