Can the Wolves Make This a Series?

The Minnesota Timberwolves upset the NBA defending champions in the second round as they took down the Denver Nuggets. Many people had them as the favorites to then beat the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals. They found themselves down 3-0 but won game four to stay alive. Can they now make this a series down 3-1?

Game five is pivotal. Obviously every game now is pivotal as they are just one loss away from elimination in this series. Winning game five could actually turn the tides of the series more so than their game four win did. Minnesota is actually the favorite in this one at home by 5 points.

Minnesota also has had success on the road in these playoffs if they are able to win game five. Against Denver, the Wolves won the first two games of the series on the road. If they go back to Dallas down 2-3 there is definitely the possibility of them winning game six and then anything can happen in game seven.

Game five is tonight as the Wolves look to keep their NBA Finals hopes alive. Minnesota as the favorites could make this a series that has already been one of the most entertaining of the playoffs so far.

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