Can Wembanyama be the Best Ever?

Victor Wembanyama is just a rookie in the NBA but we have already seen flashes of greatness from him. He’s already showed supreme skill and is literally built different at 7’4″ with an 8′ wingspan which has been rare in the NBA and never has been seen with a player of his skill.

A 5×5 in the NBA is extremely rare. Wemby goes for a 4×5 almost every night now it seems after hitting the line this year. The 5 steals in the hardest part but 5 blocks has almost been standard now for Wemby as well as 5 assists. His skill, as seen below beware of sound, has been wild for a player his size.

To be the best player ever you have to win. Right now it looks like the San Antonio Spurs are super far away from winning and it really depends on who he will team up with throughout his career. If being the GOAT was just skill and stat based, he should be up there already.

In March now that he is playing more he could easily average 24 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 blocks, and shoot over 40% from three like he did in February. Playing just 29 minutes per night on average hurt his numbers but they are starting to get ramped up a little. If he was playing 33 minutes per night he may be in the MVP conversation because his numbers would be so dominant.

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Don’t forget he is just 20 years old. As he starts playing more, gets a better team around, him and stays healthy, he may have numerous MVPs in the next few years and be on his way to the GOAT in the NBA.

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