Champions League Returns – QF 2nd Legs on Tuesday

Champions League Returns – QF 2nd Legs on Tuesday

UEFA Champions League returns this week with quarterfinals 2nd legs. We’re in for some riveting action as each pairing is still wide open! (yes, also Barcelona vs Juventus)

On Tuesday Leicester plays host to Atletico Madrid, while Bayern München visits Real Madrid. On Wednesday Barcelona tries to replicate their effort from 1st knockout round by overcoming 3-0 deficit when Juventus pays visit to Nou Camp. The other Wednesday game sees Dortmund travel to Monaco, after a tragic episode last week.

Let’s have a quick look on Tuesday’s matchups:

Leicester – Atletico Madrid

The two teams with very defensive mindsets had a rather quiet game in the first leg. Athletico grabbed 1-0 home win by Antoine Griezmann penalty. Leicester seemed content with the result, despite being outplayed for the most of the game. At home, Leicester is likely to go for the bare minimum, scoring once and then taking no risks whatsoever. They’re far from their last season’s remarkable form, both in defense and attack. With Atletico probably standing back and looking for counter-attack chances, it is – once again – very likely to be a chess-match on grass with low-scoring and solid defending. Leicester has shown remarkable capacity to survive in Champions League, while Atletico has astounding experience in turning close games in their favor.

Real Madrid – Bayern München

Spanish giants surprised the Germans back in München last week by stealing a narrow 1-2 victory. The basis for tonight’s game is absolutely thrilling, since Bayern must score at least twice in order to progress. The hosts are not exactly known for their solid defense, so it’s likely to be all-out-attack from both sides – which they both do extremely well. Possibly two of the most entertaining teams in Europe should provide us with highlight-reel material to last a while. Expect a high-scoring game, which can turn to anyone’s favor!

Here are the highlights from the Champions League Quarterfinal 1st legs

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