Damian Lillard Trade Scenarios

The Portland Trailblazers have said that they will look to trade Damian Lillard if they enter a rebuild this season. Let’s look at some potential trades that would send him to another NBA franchise.

Miami Heat

A trade to the Miami Heat could make the Heat the instant favorite in the Eastern Conference. Even after a trip to the finals, there are other teams ahead of them in the East set as the favorites to win the conference next season. With Lillard on the roster they would have three legit All Star players and could keep the same essential core. A trade would revolve around Tyler Herro, who missed the entire playoffs, and Kyle Lowry to match Dame’s salary along with a ton of picks.

Golden State Warriors

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The Warriors obviously already have Steph Curry at point guard but they play somewhat positionless basketball. Poole and Curry shared the court a ton anyways and Lillard is a stronger defender than Poole. This trade would actually involve Poole too, along with Johnathan Kuminga, and some of their other young pieces like maybe Patrick Baldwin and Moses Moody along with picks.

Orlando Magic

The Magic have been drafting a ton of lottery picks and now their roster is flooded with a ton of guys with potential where none can really stick out from the rest. Trading a bunch of those pieces for Lillard may work for both teams. Orlando could give up Jalen Suggs and Caleb Houstan along with salary matching contracts of Johnathan Isaac and Wendell Carter Jr. plus picks to get Lillard.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Damian_Lillard_against_the_Cleveland_Cavaliers.jpg