Do the Golden State Warriors Need to Worry?

The Golden State Warriors have now lost four games in a row. The No. 2 team in the NBA’s Western Conference has now dropped to the No. 3 team in the West after their most recent loss. This brings them down to just two wins in their last 10 games. The Memphis Grizzlies now control that No. 2 spot.

The absence of Draymond Green has really hurt this team. Before his injury the Suns and Warriors were neck-and-neck for the best record in the NBA. Now, the Warriors would be happy to just win half of their upcoming games.

Stephen Curry has proved he is not enough to carry the Warriors on his own. Green is the glue to this team on the defensive end but also on the offensive end as well. He helps communicate on the defensive end while bringing the energy and hustle. On offense, he is the playmaker of the team distributing the ball and making timely plays.

When Green returns we will see if Golden State can get back to what they were earlier in the year when they were nearly unstoppable. This team has the talent to be that championship contender they were back just a few years ago but they will need a big turnaround from their most recent games.

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