Does the NFL have an Offense Problem?

The NFL has made numerous rules over the years to cater to the offense in hopes of more scoring, more exciting games, and player safety. Currently, the league may have an offense problem.

While these changes have allowed the quarterback to be hit less and wide receivers to be guarded softer, there haven’t been any massive rule changes around pass rushers. And pass rushers have gotten exceedingly better which hasn’t allowed quarterbacks much time or space to throw downfield, thus less offense in this passing league.

CJ Stroud has had some massive games his rookie season but when up against an above-average-pass rush in the Jets, he struggled severely and was sacked and hit numerous times. This forced him to leave the game with a possible concussion. He had just 91 total passing yards with six minutes remaining in the game.

For those who wanted to see the stars of the league play well and a high-scoring games this past Sunday, there was really only one game that fit that mold. The Rams vs Ravens showcased stars like Lamar Jackson, Odell Beckham Jr., and Cooper Kupp, Puka Nacua, and Matt Stafford on the other side in a 37-31 OT win for Baltimore. No other game was close to that high scoring or featured stars such as those two teams.

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Only the Browns and Jaguars game had a team score 30 or more points with the game separated by a touchdown or less. The other top rookie, Bryce Young, scored just six points against an average New Orleans team, while Minnesota and Las Vegas scored three total points in their game. In what was supposed to be the marquee afternoon game and highest-scoring game of the week, Buffalo and Kansas City combined for just 37 points.

Josh Allen was hit 10 times while Patrick Mahomes was hit eight times. Fans want to see offense and these stars are getting hurt and pummeled out there. Maybe another rule change is coming.

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