Does this Season Hurt Lebron’s Legacy?

The Los Angeles Lakers have had an NBA season to forget. There were high hopes for this team in the preseason and even early in the year. Things quickly went downhill and they were around the sixth to 10th best team in the Western Conference for much of the season.

A lot of blame has gone on Russell Westbrook for his poor play, but also Anthony Davis has only played 40 games, and Lebron played just 56 games this year. Ultimately, the Lakers fell out of the playoffs in the last two weeks of the season and were eliminated with a loss on Tuesday April 5th.

Will this hurt Lebron’s legacy as he was eliminated playing in the bright lights of Los Angeles for the Lakers?

It really shouldn’t. Lebron has gotten his four championships and with three different teams. He is still chasing rings, but this year he wanted to show the world he could score with the best of them.

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Lebron is currently second in the league in PPG with 30.3 behind just Joel Embiid at 30.4 PPG. If he ends the year the scoring champion at this point in his career, it would only help his legacy.

It would have been nice for Lebron to make the playoffs though as he would not have caught as much backlash if they just had a first round exit like last year.

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