Early 2024 NBA Title Favorites

It’s way too early to look at the NBA title favorites, especially before the summer free agency, but we will look at it anyways as the teams are right now.

1. Denver Nuggets

The 2023 title winners should be the favorites again in 2024. They breeezed through the Western Conference Finals with just three losses and won the championship in five games. With the best player in the league, Nikola Jokic, one of the best secondary stars in Jamal Murray and a great supporting cast all likely returning, there is no reason to not have them as the favorite right now.

2. Golden State Warriors

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The Warriors won the championship just one year ago and now they are being written off after losing in a close series. Expect the Warriors to make some moves to acquire more talent and be competitive again.

3. Boston Celtics

The Celtics probably should have been in the NBA Finals and may have given the Nuggets a better series. Boston will likely upgrade their front court and have had a strong young core together for a while now that has proven they can win in the playoffs.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Stephen_Curry_vs_Washington_2016.jpg