Early NBA Trade Candidates

Every year there are hundreds of trade rumors around the NBA trade deadline. It is still months away from that deadline but it is not too early to look at trade candidates for when this time does eventually come.

Utah Jazz

This whole team is a trade candidate. Literally no one is safe. They have said that they want to keep Jordan Clarkson and Lauri Markkanen but if multiple first-round picks are made available, not even they should be safe. If the Jazz didn’t start out so hot they would have likely already made a trade. Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, Malik Beasley, and Kelly Olynyk are other candidates to be traded that have some value to contenders.

Los Angeles Lakers

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This is another team that could be looking to make a big trade at the deadline. Russell Westbrook has been the major candidate to be traded but he has been playing well. If Anthony Davis doesn’t seem like he can be a top player in the league in the next couple of months he could be a candidate to be traded as well. Lebron actually has a no-trade clause through out the rest of this season.

Charlotte Hornets

While this article began with trying to pinpoint specific players, it has evolved into teams likely looking to make trades. Charlotte is currently 6-15 with one of the least talented rosters in the league. This team should look to trade Gordon Hayward, Kelly Oubre, PJ Washington, Terry Rozier, and even possibly LaMelo Ball if he gives them indications he won’t be resigning with them.

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