Final Weekend of the NBA Regular Season

There is a lot on the line in the final weekend of the NBA season. More so than in the past there are tons of teams with soemthing to play for. Let’s look at some of the top storylines.

Magic, Pacers, Heat, 76ers

Heading into Friday the 5 through 8 seeds could all change their seed. The Magic are in 5th right now but could easily fall down to the play in with the 7th or 8th spot. They also could move all the way up to the three spot. Just two games separates the current 5th seed Magic from the 8 seed Heat and the Pacers and 76ers are between them at 6 and 7.

Battle for 3rd in the West?

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There are two teams that could get the two or three seed. that is the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Will either of these teams be better off getting the third seed though? Currently, heading into Friday, they are both tied for second with Minnesota holding the tiebreaker. It is possible that the 2 seed will have to play either of the Warriors, Suns, or Lakers, making it better to be the third seed.

Advantage in the West-Play in

Right now the Warriors, Lakers, and Kings all have the same record. With tiebreakers it goes Kings at 8 followed by the Lakers at 9 and Warriors at 10. These teams will be battling to get the 8 spot as they will only have to win one game to then make it into the playoffs versus having to win two from the 9 or 10 spot.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/John Raoux