Five NFL Games that Matter the Most in Week 18

Falcons at Ravens 10/19/14

Chargers at Raiders

This game between two division rivals will decide who goes to the NFL AFC playoffs as the last wildcard team. It’s really enough said right there. Win or go home for both of these teams.

49ers at Rams

The 49ers need this win to automatically make the wildcard and if they don’t they need a New Orleans Saints loss. It won’t be easy for them though as the Rams still need to win or the Arizona Cardinals to lose for them to be division winners. All four of these teams mentioned play at the same time.

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Saints at Falcons

The Saints need to win to have any hopes of making the playoffs. As mentioned above, they also need the 49ers to lose and they are predicted to do so against the Rams. It won’t be so easy for the Saints though as they are not as bad as advertised with seven wins so far on the year.

Jets at Bills

The Bills just need a win to secure the division title in the AFC East over the New England Patriots. They are playing the Jets who are just 4-12 but the Jets have been good these past three weeks only losing to the Dolphins by seven 24-31, beating the Jaguars and then almost upsetting the Buccaneers 24-28.

Seahawks at Cardinals

The Cardinals are fighting for the division title still after a terrible stretch towards the end of the year where they lost three games in a row including one to the Detroit Lions. A win in this game against the Seahawks and a 49ers loss will still net them a division title in the NFC West. The Seahawks have only six wins on the year so far but never can be counted out with Russell Wilson and that offense in Seattle.

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