Good and Bad of NBA 65 Game Rule

76ers at Wizards 2/25/18

The NBA instituted a new rule this year that players must play at least 65 games during the regular season to be eligible for season awards like MVP, Rookie of the Year, and even All NBA teams.

The Good

Fans get to see their favorite players and the stars more often. Already we have seen Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard on pace to play the most games in a season they have in a long time. There’s also no controversy of players not playing enough games to be considered for the award with this set mark. Those two things are great for the league.

The Bad

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The most obvious bad things about this rule is that a player that is actually injured and not just resting could be out for a little over month in the season with a sprained ankle. They may miss 18 games and be ineligible even if they are having a great season. Two examples have popped up recently as Joel Embiid is dealing with a knee injury and Tyrese Haliburton is dealing with a hamstring. Both tried to play and Embiid got hurt again and Haliburton played limited minutes.

Is this change good or bad for the league overall?

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