How to Fix the NBA All Star Game

The NBA All Star game is supposed to be a fun game for the fans where the top players in the league compete every year in a game against each other. Recently it has not been that at all but it once was. How can the NBA entice star players to play for something?

Home-court advantage in the NBA Finals could possibly do the trick. All Star players are commonly on winning teams. You look at the Denver Nuggets who got two All Stars even though Jamal Murray averages just 20.5 points and 6.5 assists, same with the Boston Celtics and others.

Every year there are at least eight to 10 teams who believe they could win the championship at this point in the season, so home-court advantage would be something to play for. That has been used in the MLB All Star game as a prize before. Players not in playoff contention in the game would feel the pressure as well to compete for others in the game or their minutes would likely be cut.

What probably won’t work is an added money bonus for the winner, unless it is a ton of money. $500,000 for the winner of the play-in tournament didn’t mean anything to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Other All Stars make similar money and likely wouldn’t care about it either.

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