Huge NFL Rule Change for 2024

The NFL has instated a new rule change. This change has come with the league worried about the lack of scoring in the past couple of seasons. In 2020 an average score for an NFL team was 24.8 in 2020, then 23.0 in 2021, 21.9 in 2022, and 21.8 in 2023.

This ban will flag tacklers for making a “swivel hip-drop tackle” which can be seen down below:

This tackle has been a dangerous one and a play where players will tear their ACL or have another significant injury, most commonly to their knee or other part of their leg.

In addition to player protection, it also is a 15-yard penally which is a huge yardage amount surrendered by the offender of the rule. This has been a common tackling form for players for years and we may see a ton of these calls, especially early in the season, if the league wants to get this rule solidified and enforced as soon possible.

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Another rule has been put up for vote as well. While the “swivel hip-drop tackle” penalty was passed by NFL owners, this rule has yet to be passed. It would grant teams a third challenge if they are successful on their first two challenges. This has been talked about on numerous broadcasts and appears that it would be a good and fair rule to implement.

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