August 23, 2019

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Iconic Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo retiring

Iconic Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo retiring

Various reports surfaced early this morning, stating that iconic Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is retiring after being cut later today by his team. ESPN’s Adam Schefter was one of the first to confirm the news in twitter. Reportedly Romo is looking for a second career in broadcasting, with at least Fox Sports and CBS interested in securing the services of the former quarterback.

The 36-year-old Eastern Illinois product came into the NFL undrafted 13 years ago and despite never winning the Super Bowl, he did become a franchise quarterback for one of the most legendary teams in the NFL. Romo led Dallas Cowboys to AFC East titles in 2004, 2009 and 2014. He also made four Pro Bowl appearances and broke various Cowboys franchise records.

The twilight of his career was marred with injuries. Romo was kept out for the most of 2015 season and injuries practically ended his career. During last season rookie quarterback Dak Prescott took the team upon his shoulders in Romo’s absence and never looked back.

Romo was expected to be cut and become a free agent today. Several teams expressed interest in signing the experienced gunslinger, but as it appears Romo himself had other plans.

We wish Tony Romo all the best in his broadcasting career and look forward to seeing him in action once again!

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