Impact of Early NBA Offseason Deals

Raptors at Wizards 3/2/18

The NBA offseason has now officially begun as teams are beginning to land deals with free agents and some trades have gone down. Let’s look at the impact of some of the big moves so far.

Alex Caruso Traded for Josh Giddey

This has been the biggest move of the offseason so far. Alex Caruso has been a valuable role player and a sought after player on the trade market. The Oklahoma City Thunder were able to get him for Josh Giddey who fell out of favor with the team in the playoffs. The Chicago Bulls view him as a replacement for Lonzo Ball with his playmaking ability. Caruso gives the Thunder a standout guard defender.

Malik Monk 4-Year Deal with Sacramento

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The Sacramento Kings were able to retain their big free agent in Monk. With him being a top sixth man in the league and arguably the third-best player on the team, this was a big get. He was thought to get over $100 million but Sacramento was able to get him for just $78 million.

Pascal Siakam Mega Deal with Indiana

One of the best moves at the trade deadline was Indiana getting Pascal Siakam. It turned out to be a great deal for them as they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. They were able to retain him on a deal paying him nearly $50 million per season.

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