Is it Time to Rest Lebron James?

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling to start this season after high expectations coming into the year. The Lakers are now below the .500 mark on the season again and they just dropped a game to one of the worst teams in the Western Conference in the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night, December the 23rd.

The Lakers are without superstar Anthony Davis and Lebron has been playing heavy minutes which takes a toll on his body. He will definitely be needed healthy and rested for the playoffs, assuming the Lakers make it to them this year. With Lebron playing heavy minutes and the Lakers still losing to bottom teams in the NBA it begs the question if Lebron should even be playing at all in these games. It could be time to shut him down at least until Anthony Davis returns to the lineup. It is not doing anyone any good having James play big minutes in losing efforts.

Their last game against the Spurs wasn’t even close as Lebron played 34 minutes and had 36 points with nine assists but the Lakers lost by 28 and gave up 138 points. Lebron is giving it his all but for basically nothing to show for it besides individual stats.

Their next game will come on Christmas Day against the Brooklyn Nets which Lebron will undoubtedly play in but after that he could be rested until Davis returns to the lineup. The Lakers will have plenty to think about when the NBA trade deadline comes around in February as well.

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