Is Jokic the Best International Player Ever?

When it came to the top international NBA player the conversation started and stopped with Dirk Nowitzki. That was until some younger players entered the league.

It seemed that the torch of best international player would soon be handed to the next best thing in Dallas, Luka Doncic, but now it appears that Nikola Jokic may have shortcut his way to that title.

Since May of 2021, Jokic has been announced the MVP of the league twice and now appears to be on his way to leading a small market team to their first NBA Finals championship.

Dirk had an impressive career with 12 All-NBA selections and one MVP along with an NBA Finals trophy. Jokic has a long way to catch Dirk’s All NBA numbers as he is young but has already surpassed his MVP award total and is on his way to a possible NBA championship already too.

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While Jokic may soon be crowned the best international NBA player ever, keep your eye on Luka Doncic who had a blazing start to his career but has gone under the radar this past year. He could put himself right back in that conversation very soon.

If the Nuggets win the championship here in the next week, it may be time to talk about Jokic as the best international player ever already.

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