Is Sports Betting an Issue in the NBA?

Sports betting has been under heat in the NBA and in all major sports for that matter. The problems have especially been made evidently clear in the recent weeks. Jontay Porter has been reportedly giving out betting tips on his on lines while numerous other players like Tyrese Haliburton, Rudy Gobert, and Jayson Tatum have expressed some frustrations with the prevalence of betting in the league.

During TNT games, Charles and Kenny will chime in and say if they like a mid-game over or under bet. The logos are everywhere and before and at halftime the announcers are talking about bets. This has caused many fans to get into betting that are also yelling at players in the game to shoot one more three for their parlay or mad that they didn’t grab enough rebounds. Additionally, insider gambling from Porter has now come to light but was quickly and seemingly easily found.

Do the players have a right to be upset about this and is this a problem moving forward? Some people think so but you have to remember that the NBA salary cap increased due to the increase of gambling deals so players are making more money. Also, Porter is likely facing a lifetime ban for getting caught, showing players the systems shouldn’t be tried to be beat. Betting has been around for ever but now it is made easier than ever to bet legally in a lot of states.

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