Is this the End of the Warriors Run?

Quietly the Golden State Warriors have been severely regressing. Over the past four seasons the Warriors missed the playoffs twice and then somehow won the championship. They followed that up by sneaking into the playoffs and beating the Kings in the first round before losing to the Los Angeles Lakers. This season they are currently 17-20 and out of the playoff picture.

The downfall of the Big 3. Steph Curry is still really, really good. The only knocks on him have been he is averaging a career-low 4.2 assists per game and is shooting a career-low 44% from the field. Klay Thompson looks like a shell of himself athletically and on defense, while Draymond Green is going insane. Additionally, Andrew Wiggins somehow went from All Star just a couple years ago to one of the worst players in the league this season.

The championship in between this past five-season stretch was incredible. Looking back now at what this team has turned into and believing they won a championship just two seasons ago is tough. From missing the playoffs two years in a row, to a championship, now on track to missing the playoffs possibly again is a huge drop off. Curry, Thompson, and Green are all getting old as well. We could see this Big 3 separate soon.

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