Jontay Porter Betting Scandal Fallout

We have all heard the story now about Toronto Raptors player and brother of NBA player Michael Porter Jr., Jontay Porter. The short story is he gave tips to people that he wouldn’t play much due to injuries in two games which his betting line unders were the most-heavily bet props on the day. More news has come to light, including more around what actually went down.

Jontay Porter has been banned for life for betting on the NBA and giving out betting tips on himself. Additionally, it has come out that he bet against the Raptors multiple times this season for them to lose. Apparently, those weren’t in games he played in but he was still under contract with the team. Porter also bet over $2 million dollars on various sports to net just $21,000 in total.

This was a huge risk to earn just $21,000 as he ultimately got banned from the NBA forever after a somewhat promising year in the league. Many projected him to get a guaranteed contract next year with Toronto that would have been around $2 million per year. There is no telling how much people were paying him for his betting tips, as well as other tips such as stock trading that he gave out years ago but still dabbled in.

This sets the tone for players trying to play the system of sports betting in the NBA or any other professional league.

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