Lamar Jackson Requested a Trade

The Baltimore Ravens’ star quarterback has claimed on his personal Twitter that he had requested a trade from the franchise on March 2nd due to what he says is because, “the Ravens has not been interested in meeting my value.” Lamar Jackson has famously represented himself and has not hired an agent to help him in these negotiations.

The Ravens have signed Lamar Jackson to a franchise tag deal that will pay him $32 million next year. It seems like they do value him to give him that much money after he spent the end of both of his last two seasons not playing due to injury.

Lamar Jackson is a great NFL quarterback when healthy. There is a big emphasis on his health though as he has missed significant time in the past few seasons due to different injuries.

Also, remember that no other NFL teams have been trying to acquire Jackson, so his trade value is probably not that high right now. Any NFL team is allowed to offer him a contract that Baltimore can match under the fanchise tag. Teams are not clamoring to sign Jackson to a big or long deal if he is going to be injured every season.

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The NFL is a business and to save money in a business you don’t want to overpay an employee with little to no interest from other teams.

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