MLB Trade Deadline Craziness

MLB teams raced against the trade deadline to strengthen their lineups for the postseason push. Some top-ranked teams made big moves, adding some big hitters and arms to their rosters

In the AL West, multiple teams aimed for World Series contention, including the surprising buyers, the Los Angeles Angels, who added to both to their batting order and pitching lineup. Seattle, despite being minor sellers, faces the revamped Angels lineup this weekend. The Astros and Rangers also bought, each adding aces and some of the best pitchers of the past two decades: Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer.

The NL West saw notable moves as well, with the Dodgers narrowly missing a big deal. The Tigers’ Eduardo Rodriguez rejected a Dodgers trade with his no-trade clause, but Lance Lynn joined from the White Sox. Lynn might start against the Padres this upcoming weekend, who the Dodgers have dominated this season winning five of six games so far already.

Other big deals outside of these two divisions were the Orioles acquiring starting pitcher Jack Flaherty and the Blue Jays getting Paul Dejong to fill in for injured Bo Bichette.

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Overall, it was one of the most active trade deadlines in recent memory as stars were moving all around the league which should set us up for an exciting end of the season.

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