Most Dynamic NFL Players in 2022 — Washington Football Team vs. Kansas City Chiefs from FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland, October 17th, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

Any game in the NFL can be flipped with just one play. Whether that is a pick six, 80-yard touchdown from scrimmage, or a return touchdown, anything can happen. These players are the ones that can flip a game the quickest in their team’s favor.

Trevon Diggs Cowboys

Diggs gets a lot of heat due to his average to below-average coverage skills. What he does well though is create turnovers. Last year he led the NFL in interceptions, interception return yards, and interceptions for touchdowns. He had 11 interceptions in 2021 and can change any game with a long interception return.

Tyreek Hill Dolphins

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We saw how Hill could really change a game quickly in the AFC Conference Championship. He can take any catch to the end zone or turn a five-yard catch into a 40-yard gain. This wide receiver can truly flip the script in any game due to this ability.

Patrick Mahomes Chiefs

Mahomes, like he did with Tyreek Hill last year, has the ability to find receivers deep downfield. This can change games with just one play. If the opposing team scores to go up by three or less with time remaining, don’t count out Mahomes and the Chiefs.

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