NBA Championship Favorites

Celtics at Wizards 4/10/18

After some crazy offseason NBA trades let’s look at the favorites to win the title in 2024.

Boston Celtics +400

The Milwaukee Bucks were the favorites for about 24 hours after the Damian Lillard trade and now the Celtics have met them there. They did this by trading for former a Buck who was a part of the deal to get Lillard to Milwaukee, Jrue Holiday. He was sent to Portland and then to Boston and the Celtics barely had to give anything up for him in the short term. This team is now stacked after upgrading Marcus Smart with Holiday and adding Kristaps Porzingis while maintaining their core team.

Milwaukee Bucks +400

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Swap Jrue Holiday for Damian Lillard and that is the new Bucks. Definitely it’s an upgrade on offense but on defense, not so much. Still, Lillard has been a clutch player on a mediocre team for a while. He’s already shown he can hit big shots and that is what Milwaukee has struggled with in the playoffs. A great fit.

Denver Nuggets +550

The reigning NBA champions have the third-best odds to win again. This is likely due to the fact that the teams with the fourth through seventh best odds to win are also from the West. Besides Milwaukee and Boston in the East, there are not that many other serious contenders. In the West there are a ton of teams that could knock out Denver in any round. Bruce Brown was the only real loss from last year’s team as well.

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