NBA Injuries Have Hit Hard this Playoffs

76ers at Wizards 2/25/18

The NBA Playoffs are off to an exciting start but injuries have already played a major factor. Let’s look at the most-impactful injuries so far.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

Not many people picked the Clippers to beat the Suns in the first round without Paul George and once Kawhi Leonard left the lineup with a mysterious knee injury their chances really dropped low.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

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Giannis missed two games so far for the Bucks in the first round. The two games he has played in the team lost and now they find themselves down 1-3 to the Heat.

Tyler Herro

The Heat lost Tyler Herro after just half of a game in the first round. It hasn’t effected them much yet as they are up 3-1 on the No. 1 seed, but down the road they will probably wish they had his shooting and scoring ability.

Joel Embiid

An injury forced the likely 2023 NBA MVP to miss game four of the playoffs but that hasn’t hurt the 76ers yet as they still managed to win it and pull off the sweep. Hopefully Embiid will be back healthy for their next series.

De’Aaron Fox

In arguably the most entertaining first-round series, Fox broke his finger in game four. He is likely to play in game five but it is on his shooting hand and could effect his game.

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