NBA Jerry West Passes Away at Age 86

NBA legend Jerry West has passed away suddenly at age 86. West was one of the best NBA players ever and is consistently ranked inside the top 25 players in all-time lists. In recent years most people have known Jerry West for being the logo of the NBA. The silhouette of the red, white, and blue logo was made from an image of the late Jerry West from back in his playing days.

A nickname for Jerry West was “Mr. Clutch.” He got this nickname after he famously made a sixty-foot buzzer beater in game 3 of the NBA Finals in 1970. He was a Laker through and through for his career.

The playing career of Jerry West was one of the best ever. A 14-time All Star, a champion in the NCAA and NBA, as well as a scoring title and assist title in the NBA in two separate seasons.

West was also a Laker after his playing career. From 1960 to 1974 West was a player for the Lakers. Just two years later he was a coach for them and then he continued his Laker and basketball legacy as a member of the executive team. He was a part of the Lakers’ front office for eight championships and a player for one.

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