NBA Post All Star Weekend Preview

The NBA All Star Weekend has come and gone and that means that the week-long break of games is about to be over. This is a time where teams can get some rest and get healthy. Let’s look at what to look forward to in the last 30 or so games for each team.

The MVP Race

Joel Embiid has eliminated himself from the MVP race due to missed games. This opens up the award potentially for Nikola Jokic again or someone new like Luka Doncic or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to win it. It should be a fun race to watch these last 30 games.

Playoff Races

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The Western Conference is going to be an extremely tight one this year. To put it in perspective, last year the Sacramento Kings had the same number of wins at this point but were in third place in the West. This year they are in 8th but they are just 1.5 games from 5th place and also just 3.5 games away from being 11th in the West and out of the play-in games altogether. Two surprising teams top the West in Minnesota and Oklahoma City. In the East the Pacers and Magic are currently in the playoffs and would be two new teams to make it after each not getting in the past few seasons.

New Competitive Teams

Will these teams that have come on strong recently actually be seen as contenders down the stretch? The Knicks, Cavaliers, Wolves, and Thunder have been great but we will see if they are for real the rest of the season.

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