NBA Pre-Draft Trade Rumors

Every year around the NBA draft trade rumors begin to swirl. Let’s look at the most talked about rumors and where these players could end up.

Bradley Beal

The Wizards signed Beal to a massive deal that pays him $50 million per season but now they may trade him in order to rebuild. The trade value for Beal is still there despite his contract but it’s not as high as you may think. Any players to match salary and two or three first-round picks may do the trick to land Beal. Prediction: traded to the Miami Heat

Zion Williamson

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There are rumors that the Pelicans desire the second pick held by Charlotte in order to draft Scoot Henderson who could be a generational player. They may even give up the often-injured Zion to get him. The Pelicans would get another player or two and the pick for him to build around Henderson, Ingram, and McCollum while Charlotte builds around LaMelo Ball and Zion. Prediction: stays with the New Orleans Pelicans

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown is a top player in the league and one of the best second options any team has but the Celtics regressed this past season and the duo of Brown and Tatum has been a thing for awhile now with not much success. The Rockets are rumored to be interested in Brown if they can’t get Harden or another team may come into the picture if the Celtics are indeed trying to move him. Prediction: stays with the Boston Celtics

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