NBA Season Opener Reactions

Suns at Wizards 11/21/16

The 2023-2024 NBA season is underway. On Tuesday we had two games in action featuring the Nuggets vs Lakers and the Suns vs Warriors. The Nuggets and Suns got the wins. Let’s see what we can take away from these season-opening games.

The Nuggets are the same

This headline isn’t the most intriguing as the Nuggets basically brought everyone back from their championship roster and they still look great. They took down the Lakers with ease. Jokic looked like he was in prime form even after a questionable offseason where he raced horses and didn’t play much basketball. The surrounding cast look great as well.

LeBron James played just 29 minutes

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In a competitive game and the first game of the season with all eyes on the Lakers LeBron played just 29 minutes. Lakers coach Darvin Ham said that this may be the normal with LeBron this season. This isn’t good for LeBron fans but the Lakers may be saving him for the playoffs, assuming they can get there.

The Suns look great

Kevin Durant and Devin Booker looked really good. This was even before Bradley Beal will join the team soon. Nurkic was a great fit as a big man who can score and rebound the ball. Phoenix has some of the most talent in the league.

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