NBA Teams Most Effected by the Draft

The 2023 NBA is just a couple weeks away now as the NBA season and Finals are coming to a close. These teams have the most to lose and gain in the upcoming draft.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets missed out on getting the No. 1 pick to select Victor Wembanyama but they still have a chance to select a franchise-changing player. Most people would select Scoot Henderson but there are rumors that they will take Brandon Miller. With Henderson having the chance to be an elite NBA player, this could come back to haunt the Hornets.

San Antonio Spurs

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It is very likely that the Spurs don’t trade the No. 1 overall pick but there are rumors that they could and get a huge haul in return for the pick. Passing up on Wembanyama could be detrimental but also getting a package such as Paolo Banchero, more picks, and another young player is enticing as well.

Portland Trail Blazers

With No. 3 pick it is rumored that the Blazers may choose to move it for a player that can help Dame Lillard win now. This could be a huge move and it is also rumored that they could trade Lillard if they keep the pick. A lot is on the line for Portland in this draft.

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